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WP Engine Review

wp engine

Product Name: Wp Engine

Product Description: WP Engine is a powerhouse in the wordpress managed Hosting industry, to put it that way. the best-managed WordPress host because of its size and reputation.

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support
  • Reability
  • Price


WP Engine is a WordPress managed hosting service that is fast, reliable, and scalable. If you have a WordPress website with a considerable volume of traffic, WP Engine is the way to go.

They serve to enhance the customer experience as a managed hosting provider, and WP Engine succeeds at it. For starters, they provide a very high-performance hosting environment, which means your website always will load quickly and you’ll have excellent uptime.

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  • Advance Security Features Including Free SSL, Anti DDOS, Firewall etc
  • Managed WordPress Hosting With Expert Staff
  • Free Global CDN
  • Free Premium Genesis Studiopress Themes


  • High Price
  • No email hosting included
  • Blacklist some wordpress plugin
  • No Cpanel

Not like many other WordPress companies, WP Engine isn’t the “little guy” inside the room. WP Engine got $250 million in investment in 2018, then by 2021, it will have surpassed the $1 billion value barrier.

WP Engine has also acquired many of the other WordPress businesses, like Flywheel (other prominent wordpress managed server), StudioPress (creators of the Genesis Framework, that WP Engine customers get for free).

WP Engine is a powerhouse in the wordpress managed Hosting industry, to put it that way. Is it, nevertheless, the best-managed WordPress host because of its size and reputation?

WP Engine is a WordPress managed  hosting environment that focuses on WordPress setups, plugins, and themes. In reality, unlike most of the other web hosting, you won’t have to install WordPress; the cms already preloaded. It was nice to get my welcome email, see my login details, and get starting without having to do anything else. WP Engine works just like every other hosting service  WordPress installation when it comes to creating content. Creating posts, pages, and images is a simple.

WP Engine additionally automates a number of tasks, including as website plugin updates and backups s, on a regular basis. It also includes Evercache, an unique technique that mixes proxy servers and caching to speed up page loading.

WordPress Hosting Packages from WP Engine

wp engine price

Startup (beginning at $35 per month) offers one Website, 25,000 visitor per month visitor, 50GB of data transfers per month, and a meager 10Gb of internal storage. Growth (beginning at $115 a month) is the next tier up, with five WordPress setups, 100,000 monthly visits, 200GB of transferring data, and 20Gb internal memory. Scale (beginning at $290 per month) is based on growth, with 15 WordPress setups, 400,000 monthly visits, 400GB of monthly transferring data, and 30Gb internal memory. Pressable, a competing managed WordPress host, offers more powerful plans at higher pricing.

According the company’s website, WP Engine also provides the high Custom plan that really is intended for “big organizations and mission-critical projects.” You receive millions of monthly visitors, 400GB of monthly transferring data, plus more to 1GbTB of internal storage with Custom. Pricing information is only available by calling a WP Engine sales person. WP Engine bills itself with a high-end managed WordPress server, therefore it’s not cheap hosting service.

All plans include a cdn (Content delivery network) for quicker page loading times, staging environments for testing site modifications in a non-public setting, and WP Engine’s own LargeFS technology for moving and storing massive volumes of data. Another useful aspect is that you may use Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services as the foundation of your site, ensuring no downtime and strict protection. This is not an option in Flywheel. Cloudways, from the other hand, allows you to choose from five different cloud infrastructure providers.


Increased stability, support, performance, and management are the main advantages to pick WP Engine versus cheap WordPress hosting, although they are difficult to evaluate. As you explore the interface, though, several features jump out, which can provide you certain perspective further into service.

WP Engine Page Performance is a useful tool that provides useful performance metrics to assist you speed up your Website.

When you run a test, you’ll get a page-performance report showing how fast your page loaded, how long it has taken to open in its whole, as well as the page’s overall size. It also contains historical information on your site’s performance over the previous six months, as well as suggestions for solution to decrease page load.

Fastest Time

Site load speeds have become increasingly important in a society where everybody wants it all now. Web pages which load quickly provide a great user experience, as well as increased engagement as well as conversion rates. WP Engine’s Jason Cohen and his crew recognized they intended to succeed inside this area. Jason understood he decided to design a caching solution which might manage everything based on his previous experience with some other hosting companies. That’s why they created EverCache, a massively scalable infrastructure that allows your website to be published on websites such TechCrunch or even the Huffington Post without having caused it to sluggish or even crash.

Aside from superior caching techniques, WP Engine also offers a large number of server locations from which you may choose if you first set up an account.

WP Engine does have dozen locantions of data center locations pick from, ranging from rural Iowa to big metropolis like London and Tokyo. They not just to supply you with a large number of data centers to pick from, but they will also provide tools that allow you to ping every server from your position and determine which data center has the quickest loading speed for your clients.

Managed WordPress Features

WP Engine will not really disappoint as a wordpress managed  host whenever it comes to most of the good wordpress managed features which make your life much easier, whether you’re a newbie who’s overwhelmed or even a developer who really needs a bit of help.

You will receive:

  • Auto-installer for WordPress
  • WordPress core updates are carried out automatically.
  • Staging sites are used to test updates in a safe manner.
  • Backups are made automatically every day to keep your data safe.
  • Backups on demand for when you’re about to make a major change
  • Free relocation services to assist you in getting up and running

WP Engine also recently unveiled a scheme that uses AI to provide safe automatic plugin updates. WP Engine automatically update plugins in staging and assess your websites and see if anything has updated. When there are no issues, the changes will be implemented. This is a rather distinctive feature which you won’t find on most providers, and it’s wonderful for making website maintenance easier while yet providing you piece of mind.

Advanced Protection

WP Engine monitoring all traffic to the website and identifies and blocks any attacks instantly. Furthermore, the hosting service updates and fixes the WordPress core automatically to stop potential risks. WP Engine regularly backs up your website each day offers a one-click restore function to just get you back online fast in the worst-case situation. Finally, this webservice guards against brute force attacks, JavaScript/SQL injection attacks, and DDoS attacks.

Staging Environment that is Beneficial

WP Engine includes a feature named staging sites that can save your life. A staging site is basically a duplicate of a live website which is used for testing. When it comes to adding or removing plugins, switching themes, integrating custom code, or making other important changes to the website, it’s better to do so on a staging site that’s a copy of the live site. The production of your live site will not be disrupted as a result of this. Clients will not see a website under maintenance mode, or worse, a damaged site, and you will be able to continue providing and selling to your visitors as your development is finished elsewhere.


If you wish to provide your users location-specific content, GeoTarget is a valuable feature. This tool will determine your site users’ location depending on where they are physically located throughout the world, and then offer up a version of your site tailored to that location.

GeoTarget is a WordPress plugin that allows you access to a set of shortcodes for defining the types of spesific location content you want to show. This can be very helpful in providing a highly personalized and relevant web experience for your site visitors. This will go a ways away toward increasing conversions and providing a fantastic user experience for customers.

The feature is now available as a paid add-on. However, this is one of the only ways to give geolocation and multilingual website content to your website viewers in an efficient way. There are numerous plugins that can do the same thing, however this one uses their caching technology to assure there were no speed or delivery problems.


WP Engine provides added value throughout its support, which is what a managed WordPress solution need to do. The support site has videos and materials of the caliber you’d get from a premium training program, as well as assistance with advanced WordPress capabilities which many WordPress providers don’t cover.

There’s also a ticket system and chat support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The response time was rapid, and the representative was knowledgeable, according to our testing. There is also telephone assistance for all packages except single-site options.


WP Engine is a WordPress managed hosting service that is fast, reliable, and scalable. If you have a WordPress website with a considerable volume of traffic, WP Engine is the way to go.

They serve to enhance the customer experience as a managed hosting provider, and WP Engine succeeds at it. For starters, they provide a very high-performance hosting environment, which means your website always will load quickly and you’ll have excellent uptime.

Aside from site performance, there are also features including automatic backup, WordPress core and wordpress plugin upgrades, and security inspections on a regular basis. After you’ve taken care of these, all that’s left for you to do is concentrate on operating and developing your site.

If you’re a WordPress developer, WP Engine hosting will provide you access to several very valuable features, such as the WordPress staging area that comes standard. Before pushing client sites live to the web, you can fully build up and exhibit them in this staging section. Furthermore, the integrated client website transfer tools make transferring finished websites to your customers very simple and quick.

The major complaint you’ll hear from WP Engine price critics is that it’s too expensive. The host’s actual product offers are largely uncontroversial. Most WP Engine capabilities and functionality are definitely unnecessary for a tiny website or blog.

If you’ve a medium to big website having vast numbers of visitors a month and are growing quickly, WP Engine is a good option. This hosting allows you to concentrate on the core business while ensuring that your site is reliable, quick, secure, and well-ranked on Google.

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