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WP Engine Price Explanation - There are a variety of low-cost hosting that give adequate service. What if, on the other hand, you're seeking for a concierge service that focuses on results? If that's the case, you should read my WP Engine review.

WP Engine is a unique webhosting service which offers managed WordPress hosting packages that are completely optimized for this CMS. WP Engine’s packages aren’t really cheap in comparison to several other WordPress hosting providers. As a result, before placing an order, you’ll would like to know if this hosting provider is worth the investment.

WP Engine is a WordPress hosting company that now hosts around 90,000 WordPress website.

WP Engine provides hosting for websites of all sizes, however due to its extensive quality and high rates, we suggest it mostly for large organizations. Because WPEngine mainly hosts WordPress sites, users won’t get anything out of this evaluation if you don’t use WordPress. There have been plenty of alternative possibilities for individuals who aren’t utilizing WordPress — for starters.

Actuality, WP Engine doesn’t simply host your website; it also administers it for you, providing automatic backups, upgrades, and hacking prevention.

So, how much do you have to pay for these services? With four price levels and also no hidden costs, WPEngine keeps things simple.

WP Engine Price

WP Engine price was not cheap, but it is really worth it because you’re spending for speed and service rather than storage.

If you put it in the context of features, they aren’t the most generous.

There have been three priced plans to pick from unless you run a large organization that wants a dedicated server infrastructure and support:

WP Engine’s Startup Plan

The WP Engine Startup package is a terrific place to start on WP Engine hosting. Only for $20/month, you can experience managed service WordPress hosting to see how safe and fast your website is. The main disadvantage of this package is that it still allows you to have one site, however you have 60 days to quit or upgrade if you might not like it. For $20 per month, you receive access to all features as well as 24/7 assistance.

  • The following are the highlights of the Startup plan:
  • StudioPress’ Genesis Framework with 35+ themes
  • Staging environment
  • PHP 7.3 is now available.
  • SSL certificates that are generated automatically
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Free Website Migration
  • Monthly visitors of 25,000
  • 50 GB Bandwith
  • One Website

WP Engine Growth Plan

WP Engine’s second, higher advanced option is the Growth plan, which costs roughly $92/month if you pay monthly or $76.67/month when you purchase yearly. This is a wonderful plan option if you’d like a larger website and much more traffic, with roughly 100K visits each month. It also comes with greater local storage and about 200GB of monthly bandwidth.

The following are the highlights of the Growth Plan:

  • Everything from the Startup plan, plus the following:
  • Hosting for 10 different websites is allowed.
  • Storage capacity of is 20 GB
  • Monthly bandwidth of 200GB
  • Monthly visitors of 100,000
  • SSL certificates 
  • Support is available 24 hours a day

WP Engine Scale Plan

The Scale plan is promoted as WPEngine’s greatest value service plan, with much more growth and expansion potential than the Growth plan.

This package is appropriate for large and rapidly developing sites; it does not include more extra features, so you’re increasing mostly for the additional bandwidth, storage, and website quotas.

The Scale plan does exactly as it says on the tin: it raises your restrictions and provides you with the resources you need to grow your site. Your site can manage up to 400,000 monthly visits on this plan.

The Scale plan includes the following features in addition to those found in the Growth plan:

  • There were 15 sites in total.
  • Storage capacity of 30 GB
  • Monthly bandwidth of 400GB

Upon this Scale plan, you will not get any additional “technical” capabilities – features such imported SSL certificates with StudioPress themes remain the same – but you’ll get a boost in resources, for double the bandwidth on the Growth package. This ensures you have the resources and space to expand up your business and take your website towards the next stage!

Custom WP Engine Plan

WP Engine’s bespoke plan is designed for large organizations with monthly traffic over 100 million. These websites require security, speed, and exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that WP Engine can provide. We can only deduce that the cost is in the $1000/month or more range with 100GB to 1TB of disk space and 400GB+ of monthly bandwidth is a massive number of space and performance.

For large corporations and mission-critical locations. Using managed onboarding and their fastest support response, the dedicated environment ensures exceptional performance.

WP Engine Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

What Appears to happen When My Monthly Visitor Limitations Are Exceeded?

WP Engine’s pricing packages all include a monthly limit on the amount of “visits” user can get. They don’t state that an account will then be able to obtain “unlimited” traffic at WP Engine; instead, they set clear expectations for the service you’ll get as a WP Engine client.

The Service provider never limit or shut down customers’ websites because of a traffic spike. Spikes in traffic are frequently a good thing for your website, and WP Engine intends to become a part of that achievement.

They charge you a modest overage by each 1,000 visits over your package limit if your amount of visits crosses your package limit. The overage fee is $1 per 1,000 additional monthly visitors if you’re on an Individual, Professional, and Business package. Customers on the Startup, Growth, or Scale packages will be charged $2 for every 1,000 additional monthly visits.

How when I have higher visitors then my package permits on a regular basis?

The objective of your website should have been to increase the number of visitors, which implies you’ll eventually outgrow the WP Engine package you started with. You’ll just be charged overage fees if your website just slightly surpasses your package limits month after month. However, after you reach a specific number of monthly visitors, upgrading to the next level may make much more sense.

I’d like to update my plan; is this something that I can accomplish easily?

You could simply upgrade towards the next package by sending emails to [email protected] or contact your Account Manager and describing what package you want, how you want to be charged (monthly or yearly), and giving your Support PIN.

What are the Overage charges on WP Engine ?

On your “month-versary,” the overage will be billed to the card you had upon file. It’s possible that you’ve pre-paid for the entire year. If this is the case, you still will be billed for overages on a monthly basis. Once you’ve been charged, you should get an invoice for the payment.

On your monthly billing, the overages would show as a “Visitor Overage Charge.” What if I’m paying on an annual basis?

If you pay for your subscription on an annual basis, you will only be charged once each year. Despite of your subscription period, you are limited to a certain amount of visits every month. As a result, you’ll receive a monthly charge for every visitor overages from the prior month.

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