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WP Engine is a leader in the market from one of the internet’s fastest-growing markets: delivering digital experiences based on a WordPress CMS Platform. WordPress currently powers 35% of the internet, increasing from 13% in 2010, demonstrating the platform’s growing popularity among companies, agencies, and small companies.

The company serves more WordPress sites than all of the other managed WordPress hosting combined once it refers to the most widely known sites on the internet. It has over 120,000 customers worldwide and powers hundreds of thousands of webpages for well-known companies like AMD, NBA, Motley Fool, the City of New York, News Corp, tand Under Armour. This WordPress Digital Experience Platform helps the customers realize their digital ambitions by providing all-in-one technology, security, analytics, and support.

WP Engine  is the first WordPress DXP (WordPress Digital Experience Platform) to use Google Cloud Platform’s latest technology, Compute-Optimized Virtual Machines (VM) (C2). WP Engine’s solution now performs 40% quicker than the competitors in WordPress thanks to these innovations. Only WP Engine can only provide unmatched security, speed, intelligence, experience, with award-winning support of most demanding and computationally intensive websites, allowing businesses of all sizes to online succeed with WordPress.

wp engine google cloud

The Company has indeed been busy at work over the past year updating its proprietary wordpress managed hosting optimisation platform to provide Google’s compute-optimized Virtual Machines. These compute-optimized virtual machines (C2) will assist the most compute-intensive tasks by providing excellent per-thread memory speed and performance.

Continuous Scale Performance Improvements

WP Engine’s top concern is platform optimization, and the company is continuously fine-tuning the parameters of it’s own Digital Experience Platform to guarantee that it is optimised for WordPress speed for all its clients,  They always improving performance and provide all of its clients shared to dedicated options- better response times over their websites by tackling performance with the mindset that it is a solution which is never ended.

Among the most recent performance enhancements are:

The enterprise optimized its PHP opcode caching parameters faster than with the normal “best practices” parameters, utilizing statistical information made available owing to WP Engine’s scale and collecting data from more over 500,000 WordPress installations.

Tuned low-level protocols to improve the speed of writing and reading to such WordPress Transient and Object Cache.

To obtain more and more speed, the company is fine-tuning their PHP v7.3 docker container.

WP Engine uses 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable-based “C2” (compute optimised) instances on GCP to support certain of its WordPress Digital Experience Service platform. The company delivered platform speed that was 60 percent faster than it was before when paired with the other software improvements. Compute Engine provides a variety of Intel architectures, allowing WP Engine to provide the best available services for its customers’ specific workloads.

Due to its completely transparent infrastructure, C2 allows the company to improve and optimise its platform speed while also optimizing memory and  compute within its VMs.

WP Engine additionally uses Intel-based GCP “Live Migration” instance to operate VMs with no down time, despite of maintenance system, micro-code changes, or other circumstances. All of this adds up to WP Engine being the most reliable WordPress platform available today.

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