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WP Engine, among most reputable WordPress platform industry in the world, on  26 june 2021 announced the release of Premier, an enterprise WordPress solution that offers enterprise levels of protection, performance, and scalability for such world’s greatest and viewed websites.

Companies who use WP Engine Premier don’t have to be concerned about their site’s ability to handle abrupt spike in traffic or compute-intensive applications. Premier is a business platform created by the firm that runs more of the world’s leading 200,000 websites than anything in WordPress hosting server.

Burstable scalability, a feature which allows your website to scale up and down as required, will be included in the system. Premier takes away the uncertainty, so WP Engine clients won’t have to fear about running out of server space or overspending for resources they won’t use.

WP Engine Premier Enterprise Features

The next features are integrated into WP Engine Premier, helping enterprise companies to focus on developing their business:

  • Enterprise security: Protect WordPress websites with a managed WAF (web application firewall) and DDos (Distributed denial-of-service) mitigation  , both on a platform which has passed a SOC 2 Type II audit.
  • WordPress  Enterprise platform : Rest easy with an enterprise platform of WordPress with integrated scale that scales with you to provide quick, dependable performance and adapts to your changing demands.
  • Server Analityc Performance : With quick insights, code level analysis, and proactive application monitoring, you can resolve these issues quicker.
  • Server Analityc Performance : With quick insights, code level analysis, and proactive application monitoring, you can resolve these issues quicker.   
  • Creative agility : Leverage your marketing team to control editing and design without having to rely on developer resources..
  • Developer flexibility: Use development-staging-production environments and local development solutions to reduce time – to – market, iterate, and build better website experiences.
  • Customer success: Leverage specialized, international Client and Technical Success staff to ensure you reach and surpass your online business goals with anything from personalised onboarding to executive enterprise reviews.

“Enterprises have to spend more time focused on serving customers and expanding their business, not stressing about the protection and scalability of the technology they use,” said Lisa Box, WP Engine’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise.

WP Engine enables you to build freely on WordPress. The enterprise products, the quickest across all WordPress hosting services, power more than 1.5 million online experience. WP Engine powers more from the top 200,000 websites in the globe than anybody else in the WordPress ecosystem.

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