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What’s the flywheel cloud platform? And what’s the difference between cloud hosting and standard web hosting? When “the cloud” is a bit difficult to immediately wrap everyone thoughts around , it’s a fantastic resource for anyone from web developers to smartphone users . So if we speaks further about cloud, we talk about a virtual machine, not about physical machine.

 The cloud is a network series which act as one to retrieve information through data centers location and make connection on devices. You’ve likely heard about cloud storage – the most well known example with technologies like Dropbox, iCloud,  Google Cloud Storage, and so on. All such tools demonstrate how the cloud platform performs.

And how does cloud server mean by that? Well, maybe the answer is relatively easy to understand.

With conventional hosting you get a physical hardware that maintains your website up and running and links to your data center. All your file and the database are all on the same machine. Whether you’re on dedicated or shared  hosting, it operates pretty much the same way. All of the resources operate thru the server to connect to the data center and then provide the information you need to the website.

Cloud hosting gives a unique system that uses a server network and draws numerous additional benefits.

Don’t get that confused to “the cloud,” though. Cloud platform does not entirely get rid of data centers and server. It’s simply a server configuration which is designed to maximize the performance of your site technology . The beauty here is that, with all of this setup, you can pull a server network to keep the website up and running! It make this a great solution for anybody who is worried about their site being fully operational 24/7.

Flywheel cloud computing

Flywheel Cloud Hosting Benefit

As already mentioned before, moving the webpage to cloud hosting is a good choice for each and every site! If it charges the same, there is no real excuse to not do it.

It also is better to understand about how the website is configured. For example, when you’re on WordPress , cloud hosting is also an excellent option. Continuing to work with a cloud hosting company that is specifically tailored to WordPress is obligated to optimize your site.

Let’s take a closer look at the greatest advantage of cloud hosting and how it’s a great solution.

Security and Reliability 

What helps make cloud hosting quite reliable unlike conventional hosting? The simple answer to it is the network. Since your website has had access to various of servers, you are likely to face fewer downtime. As well as did I say that the lightning was fast?

These all servers are working together to continue making up with each other if anything goes wrong. Although this may end up looking such as shared hosting among different servers, cloud server configuration is completely different because it has both private and public  networks.

All private and public  hosting will make use of resources via a The wide range of available servers and is awesome for most peoples requirements! The major difference would be that the private  will serve you stronger privacy and security. Private cloud server takes more setup, more time,  and more money. The additional layer of protection could even make a significant difference, particularly if you handle very sensitive information such as a hospital or a bank.

Public cloud service providing some of the same advantages with less server-side management. Don’t let the word “public” be a matter of concern. As it is mostly virtual, it’s also much better protection than the conventional hosting configuration.

Scalability and customization

So because infrastructure network of servers are using resources differently from one another, it means that your website is instantly configured to expands with both you and also your business. Only the contrary is happening, too. Say that you did an evaluation and would like to remove a lot of content, your website can also downscale with you quickly and efficiently.

Going to add and decreasing cloud storage will only take minutes without any side effects that may arise with conventional hosting This means that your web technology is as dynamic as you could be!

Check out the Flywheel Cloud Platform

Now at Flywheel, they have built a system specifically designed to maximize your WordPress website and to provide a wonderful cloud – based experience supported by the Google Cloud Platform.

This perspective makes it easy to manage your websites as required and arrives with a lot of amazing features like custom caching, self-curing, including staging sites, and much more! You could learn more, or you can begin it with yourself.

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