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What exactly is EasyWP? EasyWP is NameCheap’s newest Managed WordPress Hosting service, which features an intuitive UI and built-in backups. The packages range in price from $3.88 per month to $11.88 per month.

If you’re searching for a low-cost, simple WordPress hosting solution but just don’t know how to begin, Then Namecheap EasyWP for WordPress hosting could be a good choice.

One of the most well-known low-cost managed WordPress hosting providers is Namecheap EasyWP. And, according to Namecheap, EasyWP has a lot of advantages over the competition.

Why should you choose namecheap’s Easywp?

An Easy-to-Use User Interface

Going to set up WordPress website was never easier or faster, as It takes less than 90 seconds to get a WordPress things up and running.

Clients can design and deploy a bespoke WordPress site in only 2 minutes with EasyWP’s 1-click installation, which eliminates the need to struggle with cPanel complexities.

You can acquire the site login information from the dashboard once this is installed, so you can start posting articles in seconds.


Some other major point to discuss in this service  is price. When we look at the price, we can see that it is quite cheap and economical. Clients can begin for as little as $3.88, and all plans provide good benefit in terms of capabilities.

Amazing Features

  • One Simple dashboard

With a single interface, you can create and administer your WordPress sites from a simple dashboard.

  • Maintenance Mode 

Whenever you choose to go live, it’s completely up to you.

Maintenance status helps to maintain your visitors guessing while avoiding spoiling the big reveal!

  • Basic Backups

Don’t bother with third-party protection or backup software. All it takes is one click to back it up and one click to restore, and it’s all done from one simple interface.

  • Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

PositiveSSL from Sectigo adds validation, encryption, plus trustworthiness to the EasyWP site. With the Turbo and Supersonic packages, it’s included along with free.

  • Domain Interconnections

Within the EasyWP dashboard, you can connect easily every domain name toward a WordPress website. If your client is undecided about which domain name to select, they offer a free subdomain that they may use for as much as they want.

  • SFTP & Database Access with Ease

phpMyAdmin will provide you access to the database, and SFTP will give you access to the files (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Unlike FTP, SFTP uses encryption, which makes it extremely safe to share credentials with somebody you know.

  • Free CDN

Gain access to Namecheap’s Cdn, a platform that caches then delivers your website from data centres all over the world in record time.

Pricing for EasyWP Hosting

easywp price

Let’s see how much the managed WordPress hosting plans cost in this NameCheap service.

EasyWP is available at three different plans from NameCheap. The only thing that separates them is the amount of storage space and monthly traffic.

They normally have such a lifetime discount for first year/month, so you’ll probably get a better deal.

  • Starter kit.

Price: $29.88 per year or $3.88 per month (first month is free);

Offers 10GB SSD storage and 50K monthly visits.

  • Turbo

Price: $68.88 per year or $7.88 per month (the first month is only $2);

Offers 50GB of SSD storage and 200K monthly visits.

  • Supersonic

Price: $98.88/year or $11.88/month (just $3 the first month);

Offers 100GB of storage and 500K monthly visitors.

So, would I recommend Easywp to you?

Building and maintaining websites on easywp is effortless, and is also switching among them. Although the backup system has indeed been greatly simplified, we would prefer a built-in automatic back – up system – as with anything, there will always be improvements to be made. But for what you receive again for price and how much this has evolved in much less over a year, this is a wonderful service interesting to check out.

EasyWP is a low-cost service that isn’t particularly effective. They do, however, build on a monthly basis, so you’re not trapped into a contract. This hosting service is probably the best option if you’re focused on getting the cheapest WordPress hosting available, and one that you won’t be trapped with for the next few years.

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