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Transferring a WordPress website to EasyWP is simpler than it appears, and this can be completed with no or little downtime.

We’ll show you how to use the All-in-one WordPress Migration plugin to migrate any WordPress website from a shared hosting to EasyWP under this step-by-step guide.

Please Remember: The All-in-One WordPress Migration plugin’s free version lets you to backup restore upto 512 MB, and the EasyWP hosting limitation is similarly 512 MB.

We advise avoiding canceling the Shared hosting subscription until your WordPress website has been properly migrated and tested using EasyWP. It’s really a good reason to take the previous account open for several days to make sure everything is working properly and that no data was gone in during migration.

Step 1: Back up your WordPress website.

  • Go to the hosting server’s WordPress admin area and sign in. Yourdomain.tld/wp-admin would be the normal url. If the url does not function, contact the host company’s support staff.

Follow this tutorial to reset your password if you ca n’t remember password.

Navigate to Plugins >> Add a new >> and type in “all-in-one WP migration” in the search box:

easywp migration

To add the plugin, hit the Install Now option, then press Activate

  • Inside the new All-in-one WP Migration option in the left panel, select Export:

export transfer easywp

Select Export To from the drop-down menu. There are various export options available (lsuch as GoogleDrive,  Dropbox, FTP, etc). Choose the following file type:

export website
  • When the files are ready, click the following download link the backup into your desktop:
download backup file

Step 2: Make an EasyWP website

Using the same web domain

If you don’t mind your website going down during in the migration, you could update DNS settings straight away and deploy EasyWP within the same domain as the Shared hosting account.

Change your nameservers with Namecheap BasicDNS using this procedure. Then after, go to the EasyWP admin dashboard then install WordPress .

Making use of a free subdomains 

If you would like to prevent downtime, set up your wordpress website upon the free subdomain temporarily (for example, and afterwards change this to your main domain after it’s fully operational. Login to the EasyWP admin (id and password are same as the Namecheap account) then follow these steps to create Websites on a free subdomain.

Step 3: On the EasyWP side, setup the All-in-One WordPress Migration plugin.

Open the WordPress dashboard by browsing through yourdomain.tld/wp-admin and substituting yourdomain.tld with your own web domain or maybe a free subdomain. Check to see if you’re in the current dashboard. Without your articles, pages, or apps, it has to be the standard WordPress theme.

Setup the All-in-one migration wordpress plugin in much the same way that you did on your Shared hosting account.

Step 4: Open the backup and import it.

  • Go over to EasyWP Dashboard >> All-in-one WP Migration >> Import and then select Import to from the drop-down menu. First from drop-down menu, choose File:
  • Locate the.wpress backup file in your PC and select it. The notification will show in a pop-up window. To continue, click proceed

  • Waiting for the import process to finish. Click Permalinks Settings: if a confirmation text shows.

IMPORTANT: You might have to log back inside your WordPress admin area. Use the login credentials that have been configured for the previous WordPress admin area now that the website has already been migrated.

  • Click Save Changes in the Permalinks window after selecting the permalink format you desire.

If you’re going to use the Custom Structure, make a copy of it first. Change the setting and then click Save Changes. Then insert the Custom structure into the document and save it.

The transfer is finished. You can check your WordPress website to see if everything is operating properly.

Step Five Changing the domain

If you’re using the free subdomain, proceed to the next step. You can modify the domain for EasyWP configuration after you’ve double-checked that the transfer went smoothly.

First, as stated in this tutorial, configure Namecheap BasicDNS on your domain. After that, go to the EasyWP admin and replace the free subdomain with your own. The instructions can be found here.