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Do your visitors spend more than four seconds looking at a loading screen? We sincerely hope not.  As a web owner we want users to be able to see your contents as quickly and securely as possible, even if they ‘re in Washington or Thailand.

This is the reason why namecheap easywp excited to launch their free Content delivery network for everyone who runs their WordPress sites with a Namecheap domain on the EasyWP Supersonic and Turbo plans, but its not available for their starter plan.

Content Delivery Network is the greatest thing since internet in terms of instant gratification.

The cutting-edge solution distributes your website ‘s contents to many locations across the globe. As a result, loading times just as rapidly for viewers in France like they do for those in the United States. Not just website content, but also HD films, audio content such as  games, podcasts, interactive content, applications, and more advantage from this fast delivery.

You may take use of this fantastic new feature if you do have an EasyWP-hosted website with a Namecheap domain.

CDN is at your fingertips.

Easywp professional CDN solution was created for individuals and developing businesses —those who can truly benefit out of a competitive edge. Give it to  namecheap  if you don’t have enough time or willingness to configure web server to make your website perform faster.

The task of  accelerating and scaling your website will never be easier or even more simple than with this free service. With less than 5 minutes, you can deploy the service to your website.

The Desire for Speed

The major reason individuals use a CDN will be to optimize page speed. Everyone who runs a web-based business understands how a few millimetres saved on website loading time can make a significant difference to their profitability. Poor load times might result in lost revenue for business owners.

Visitors have little patience for website pages that take a long time to load. Poor loading pages are thought to have an impact on more than just user experience. Google is “concerned with speed,” to the point where webpage speed, and thus site speed, is used as a ranking indicator.

What’s more, their clients already have access to the quickest WordPress hosting upon this market. When you use their hosting in conjunction with your domain, your site can run up to 68 percent faster! This is a great way to keep visitors pleased while also retaining your position in search results pages for free.

All EasyWP users can use it for free.

As previously stated, if you already use their’s hosting, you will have instant access to the CDN. If you’ve a WordPress website hosted by the other service, you may utilize their free Transfer Service to migrate your website to namecheap and reap the benefits of their free service. That’s correct, you will need a Namecheap hosting package to use this service; it’s open to all current Namecheap clients.

Access to Your Website in a Shorter Time

CDNs function by reducing the distance around your website or web page and the user. Your creative resources will be cached in locations around the globe via their Content Delivery Network. Points of Presence, or PoPs, are what they’re called.

Whenever people from different countries and regions try to access the website content, Supersonic CDN ensures that it is served from the nearest Point of Presence. If a person in Canada wants to access the website while you’re in the Great Britain, their network will retrieve a local version of the website so the information will not have to go from across Western Hemisphere.

Content Delivery at the Enterprise Level

Most of those world’s largest enterprises, primarily huge retailers with a global presence, are now adopting content delivery networks. To serve rich-media as in past, you required a lot of money. Without  using a CDN to deliver the same web content places you at a major disadvantage. During periods of high traffic, you’re more likely to encounter a bottlenecks, which will slow down the rate at which users can view your web sites.

Namecheap wants their client to get the same advantages as these multibillion-dollar companies. Anyone may leverage network infrastructure to serve customers better for everyone they serve, whether they release a new fashion blog, sell handmade products, or generate relevant training films.

Analytics to Help You Understand Your Customers

Real-time metrics are included in the Supersonic CDN. This ui provides crucial information on how people interact with your material and helps you, the entrepreneur, to improve their experience. You get access to all the data analytics through a simple dashboard.

The Content Delivery Network analytics dashboard is displayed, which includes bandwidth & requesting information.

HTTP/2 Support for the Next Generation

Namecheap is now on a journey to improve the speed with which the users can access information on the internet. Giving everybody upcoming HTTP/2 support is an aspect of that mission. HTTP/2 is a new and enhanced version of the HTTP internet network protocol which speeds up, simplifies, and strengthens programs.

Through EasyWP, you can gain an HTTP/2-optimized performance boost. Fast loading loading speed and extremely efficient compression are essential elements that enable the CDN provide your webcontent more faster.

Locations of Multiple Servers

A content delivery network is a collection of cached servers strewn across the globe that distributes content swiftly based on the regional location of the users seeking your website content and the original server. If you want to expand internationally, you mus have this.

You have access to 45 location with high-performance webserver through their’s cdn. Whenever a user requests your webpages or projects, multiple webservers hosting them are right there waiting in adjacent PoPs.

Increased Security

The majority of big CDNs use automation technologies and analytics to detect and prevent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. DDoS security prevents hackers from flooding your apps with traffic for nefarious purposes. This protection offers you further assurance that the website will be accessible to all visitors at all times of the day.

Right out of the box, namecheap free CDN provides exceptional DDoS protection. With their optional firewall server, you can instantly improve your site’s performance and security. You have complete control over the level of DDoS setups implemented to your site and webpages using the firewall configurations provided.

SSL is fully integrated.

Every SSL certificate, such as OV, DV, and EV encryption, is fully compatible with Easywp You’ll don’t have to fear about your site’s security being jeopardized or Google punishing you for having an unsecured website.

You’ll need to have an SSL certificate plus EasyWP for using Content delivery network. If you haven’t already done so, you can add SSL to your domain.

Setup is simple and quick.

EasyWP Content Delivery Network was created with ease in mind, it can be accessed straight from the client dashboard for existing users. As shown below, choose the Summary tab and then click ‘Manage’ on the CDN icon.

easywp cdn setting

This choice takes you towards the Add new CDN option menu, where you can choose the Free plan and proceed to the confirmation page. Next, follow the instructions below.

  • The final screen requests authorization to modify the domain name’s Dns settings.
  • To complete the installation, click Confirm.
  • You’ll get a notification saying “you have a new CDN website” when the installation is completed.

Using EasyWP as your Content Delivery Network provider, you’ll get more.

Every second matters in the fast-paced climate of running an online business. Visitors may get your webpages in milliseconds using EasyWP’s Content Delivery Network, so you won’t have to spend time away from starting your own business to get them up and running. It only takes a few clicks, and then we’ll take care of sending your site supersonic.

EasyWP aren’t content to sit on their laurels. The tech people will be on a quest to figure out new ways to give even better site speed for our users, despite having 45 web servers and a slew of perks. They’re currently working on some excellent bonus features that will be released soon. In the not-too-distant future, the service will contain the following:

  • Monitoring the performance of websites all across the world
  • Firewalls for web apps to guard against advanced attacks
  • On paid version, a dedicated SSL is provided for free.

EasyWP CDN has a good future ahead of it, and they love for your site to join.

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