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Scala Hosting’s SPanel is a complete feature-rich platform for cloud VPS administration. It offers everything a site owner needs to grow their business and sales. This all in one platform makes it easier to manage your web server, backups, and security all in one place.

Scala Hosting eventually launched this to the world in May 2018 following 3 years of serious work, development, and testing. SPanel was named to this tool, its because it was a big addition to the Scala hosting family .

Scala Hosting has been in the website hosting industry since 2007, continually providing hosting services and revolutionizing the area. Scala hosting’s professional approach has really been recognized by the 50000+ clients who are linked with it. It provides hosting services (WordPress managed hosting, shared hosting accounts, email and reseller hosting services) and has a core of Cloud Managed VPS services .

SPanel is a cloud VPS service management tool that is “all-in-one.” It comes with anything a site owner needed to expand their business inside a secure hosting environment.

SPanel is a simple and quick substitute for cPanel that not only saves you money on the cPanel license charge but also adds a slew of other features. It’s small, quick, it doesn’t have any software limits.

SPanel is more than a simple control panel. It’s a one-stop shop for site hosting. It renders shared web hosting unworthy since for a small monthly fee, you can get a managed service SPanel cloud VPS that removes all program limits and offers the following features that shared hosting cannot.

spanel review

Spanel Features

spanel scalahosting interface

User Interface (UI)

Every server user has access to the user interface, which allows them to control their anti-spam settings,emails, forwarders,  databases, domain names, SSL certificates, databases, DNS zones, and other things.

The Admin Console

The server’s owner has full rights to the admin interface, that helps to manage the server’s accounts. Accounts can be added, removed, and modified, passwords could be changed, and websites can be suspended or un-suspended. You can also check the server’s status and health, as well as restart specific services or the entire server if necessary.

Lighting Speed Web Hosting Server

SPanel supports the web servers Apache, LiteSpeed Enterprise, Nginx, and OpenLiteSpeed, the last two of which are the fastest in the industry. This ensures that your websites load quickly, which is critical for optimizing a website on Google and avoiding visitor loss.

Free Website  Migration

SPanel offers a free website migrating service for an infinite number of websites. At no additional charge, ScalaHosting will move as much websites as you request to the service. We’ll make sure they can work on the new hosting server as well. During the relocation, there’ll be no downtime. Every site can be relocated in three simple steps:

  • Provide your former server’s login credentials.
  • We transfer the website and test it on the new server.
  • The nameservers are changed, and the website is pointed to the new server.
  • You can host an unlimited number of websites and emails.
  • There are no software restrictions with SPanel. You can manage as many websites, emails, and databases as you like.

Every website gets a free SSL certificate.

A free SSL certificate will be installed and renewed automatically for every website hosted on an SPanel server.

Multiple PHP Versions are Supported

Easily and quickly select the desired PHP version. Every of your websites can use a distinct PHP version. From PHP 5.6 onwards, SPanel supports any PHP versions.

Completed Managed Service

Every SPanel cloud VPS is completely managed out of the box. That means you won’t have to worry regarding securing and managing your website server because they’ve got you covered. Network administrator are accessible to address any questions you may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Transfer from CPanel to SPanel

Are you thinking about making a change? ScalaHosting will gladly include an expert migration to SPanel as part of the package.

All SPanel-managed cloud VPS options provide free transfer for an unlimited number of websites. Because our control panel is 100 percent compatible with cPanel, Scalahosting can ensure that data is transferred quickly and easily. On SPanel, websites hosted on cPanel-powered servers will work in the same way they do on cPanel-powered servers, if not faster.

After the migration to SPanel, all of your addon and parked domains, cron jobs, databases, MySQL users, emails, passwords, and mail forwarders would be moved and working. Their professional support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will ensure that each website is fully functional following the conversion.

SShield (Security Shield)

SPanel is a comprehensive security solution.

The security shield uses cutting-edge algorithms to provide advanced analytics and cyber attack avoidance. As a result, malware and viruses databases are give your server more protection.

The system does this by combining artificial intelligence and machine learning. This implies SShield can detect possible risks and prevent intruders from engaging in hostile behavior at random.

SShield detects 99.98 percent of attacks and vulnerabilities, and it watches the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You won’t even do anything because this shield will handle everything for you. The fully automated, security-rich add-on reduces the server’s dangers. The best part is that your server access will not be restricted without your consent.

Security features include:

  • License for a control panel
  • Backup Solution Feature
  • Suspicious actions are blocked.
  • Anti-spam protection for your mailbox
  • Monitoring service for servers
  • Cloud VPS management is handled by a system administrator.
  • The best part is that you can use the backup tool to restore individual files, entire directories, and databases directly from the control panel.

SWordPress Administrator

SWordPress Manager provides all of the advantages of WP-tailored services embedded within the SPanel. Instead than wasting money on a blog, you may focus on subjects that require greater attention.

The managed WordPress solutions are better suitable to the needs among the most popular content management system. A few things to think about include plugin updates as well as security precautions.

WordPress is undeniably vulnerable to cyber attacks. As a result, SWordPress Manager ensures the security of your WordPress site. It accomplishes this by locking files and directories to prevent unauthorized access. It empowers you to create fresh material and post videos.

You can deactivate the security lock whenever you wish to add a plugin or update any code. The system can auto-update the files then lock them back in the case of core updates.


When an incident happens, there is a chance that crucial information will be lost. Backup is critical for trying to keep your data safe and secure. Most servers charge extra for data backup and restoration, however this is not the situation with SPanel, since it is completely free.

You can restore data files along with databases in addition to daily backups. In the long run, this shows to be really beneficial.

Even among beginners who are unfamiliar with control panels or lack technical understanding, this solution is incredibly user-friendly. It’s simple to back up and download your files and databases to a remote area with just a few clicks.

Spanel Review Conclusion

SPanel is a complete website hosting and cloud administration platform that may be used as a replacement for cPanel and Plesk. It has the potential to improve the hosting experience. The custom option is easy to use, and best of all, it is free.

  • Let’s recap the SPanel features we discussed earlier and bring them to a close.
  • Predicting AI detects and eliminates cyber threats with SShield.
  • SWordPress Manager – Helps to manage WordPress website with ease. This also offers file separation, staging, and auto-updates.
  • SBackups – recovers and backs up data with ease.
  • SPanel incorporates a comprehensive back – up system according the client’s requirements, trying to keep data security in mind.
  • It’s an all-in-one solution with a huge emphasis on security and reliability.

As a result, this comprehensive overview of SPanel should assist you in making the best decision with your next web project.

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