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ScalaHosting WordPress Managed Hosting Review

ScalaHosting has been founded over a decade earlier, to be exact, in 2007. The extraordinary thing about server was their objective on the WordPress hosting.

They setup web server especially for WordPress sites so that hosting servers can work efficiently and meet all WordPress specifications. This is crucial to provide their customers with the best WordPress managed hosting experience. Check out the WordPress Scala hosting packages, features and selling prices below.

scalahosting review

ScalaHosting Features

Free Migration Website

The migration professionals will transfer as many internet sites as you request, available for free. There’ll be no downtime, and they will also guarantee that they act correctly on the current server.

Any website could be relocated in three simple steps: you provide login information to your existing server, they migrate the website and check that it operates on a new server, you modify the DNS server and link the website to a new server.

Optimized hosting environment for WordPress

Scala Hosting configures WordPress managed hosting servers to operate at their best and to meet all WordPress requirements. This is necessary to achieve the best WordPress managed hosting experience to its customers.

Dedicated Firewall

When you really start caring about the safety of your website, you must have a dedicated firewall configured and installed mainly for you. However, implementing and setting up a firewall is a difficult task. That’s why they will going to do this for you. A dedicated firewall is applicable for every Managed WordPress hosting packages.

SShield Protection

The website is a risky location as well as for site owners. I’ve spent so long trying to run a number of websites for decades and continued attacks are happening so frequently that it’s outrageous. SShield helps you deal with these threats (by trying to block them) ,ScalaHosting claims that it’s more than 99.9 percent effective!

To use it, SShield was also active 24/7 and constantly monitors all websites on each server. Apart from protective actions, web owners will be notified, such as attack statistics for reference. Around the same time, SShield will recommend webmasters about which steps they should take to improve internet security.

SShield is said to work on an AI engine so the defenses are highly adaptable. This is something that some heuristic virus protection software work. Instead of referring to corrected data sets, the AI engine would then evaluate possible threats on the basis of deductive logic and risk potential.

Daily Backups

Are you scared to loose your files? There’s no need to be. you will get daily backup on every WordPress hosting packages If you really need to restore your site to a particular date, just request their customer service to help you as quickly as possible. You also can restore the WordPress site from its control panel.

Powerful WordPress administration with SWordPress

SWordPress is a WordPress management system that provides users with a WordPress eco-hosting system that is virtually managed.

The SWordPress Manager not only lets you setup or delete WordPress instantly, but also allows you reconfigure or change very important options This included re-configuring your administrator password, allowing automatic WordPress updates, or trying to manage security locks.

Scala has much more ideas in store for SWordPress, so it’s even worth going with this tool. It’s portion of the platform SPANEL, so this is even more valuable to users.

Free CDN

Content delivery network (CDN) often can result in significant website loading acceleration improvements Usually CDNs are very expensive, and also most site owners can’t afford them. Scala Hosting provides you a free CloudFlare CDN on every transaction of a WordPress host.

Free Domain

Pre-pay your WordPress hosting package for a year and get domain for free. Pre-pay next year to get another year to your domain for free. Best Managed WordPress hosting is worth the best domain deal.

Free Managed WordPress Hosting

Each WordPress hosting services plan from WP Start and up has a free managed hosting feature. on This means that their support team would take the extra mile to help you with much more advanced WordPress problems like troubleshooting on wordpress plugin.

Support quality

Scala Hosting provides a dedicated customer service assurance with professional issue experts or any scenario that may require it. Interact via phone, live chat, or e-mail.

ScalaHosting Review Conclusion

You could see how a credible WordPress managed hosting can upgrade your website towards the next level. And it’s best to find something that can meet a powerful feature seat at reasonable prices.

Scala Hosting Managed WordPress Server deals start at just $3.95/mo, So, don’t worry about the next time you’re looking to managed hosting for your WordPress website. You have been covered by Scala Hosting!

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