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ScalaHosting has long supported for bringing this website hosting market more affordable as a leading player inside the VPS space. To that aim, the company has created WordPress Managed Vps packages that are both cost-effective and feature cutting-edge technology and innovations.

It really doesn’t take much time to fall in love with WordPress. Users are impressed by the most popular CMS systems available in the market because of its great ease of use and scalable architecture, which allows you to construct any type of website. WordPress can help you create a successful online store, a gorgeous portfolio, or a solid business website.

When looking for the perfect option to host the WordPress sites, you need to do some research. Obviously, your project’s demands and objectives should go first, but you must always keep a watch about how the ideal host matches up in a few key areas like  Hosting Features, Security, Support, Resource, And Also Price.

DigitalOcean is a brand that will most likely come up frequently on your radar. ScalaHosting was pleased to collaborate with Digital ocean, an American cloud platform company known for its dependable VPS services for WordPress, and provide their clients with much more attractive server alternatives.

scalahosting digitalocean hosting plans

Scala Hosting and Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean does not require an explanation. The New York-based company already has over ten years of cloud platform experience. It was among the first web hosting companies to use solid-state drives (SSDs) on their virtual servers in 2013, an innovation which is now considered standard for every high-quality service. DigitalOcean, in collaboration with Twillo and GitHub, hosts Hacktoberfest, a yearly month-long event of open source programs.

Digital Ocean and ScalaHosting have formed a collaboration that gives consumers a lot more options. ScalaHosting VPS hosting clients can choose with over 10 server locations thanks to Digital Ocean’s enormous network infrastructure.

As global digitization reaches new heights, more people than ever are flocking to the internet. Web technology advancements have made it a lot easier than ever before to create web-based services, putting a greater load on web hosting services.

Why should you choose DigitalOcean for ScalaHosting?

ScalaHosting VPS plans have all that a high-performing site requires, including availability with more server locations. Due to enterprise level hardware all across board, every plans deliver leading industry performance. Their VPS plans offer with a 7-day money-back warranty for new customers. All you have to do is select your hosting configuration and server location, then you’ll have a fully-managed VPS up and running in under 2 minutes. ScalaHosting VPS machines include 100% SSD storage and quality networking  for greatest performance.

Besides the infrastructure, ScalaHosting provides the revolutionary SPanel control panel, real-time  SShield cyber protection, and daily backups. Even better, this is available for only $9.95 per month as a beginning price. Scala’s collaboration with DO has let scalahosting to broaden their offers and provide more options to their customers. Digital Ocean offers four pre-configured VPS options.

The configurations range from one to eight CPU cores, two to sixteen gigabytes of RAM, with 50 to 320 gb of SSD storage. All  of the VPS features are included, including free SSL certificates, a free dedicated IP address, website transfers, and the SPanel control interface. Since this is a managed wordpress service, the Staff is available if you require additional support.

ScalaHosting’s pricing is simple and easy to understand: for both unmanaged and managed VPS services, there are 4 options to choose from. Higher packages offer with higher resource allocation, however they all have the same features. ScalaHosting’s managed VPS plans start at $9.95 per month.