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When you operate an agency or work as a freelance, then you must be know how difficult it is to handle your own company.

But there’s a gap among working smart and working hard, then one of the smartest ways for any freelance or agency business to develop is to build a constant stream of recurring revenue.

However, generating recurring revenue needs organization and the capacity to view all of your customer engagements as a whole, from scope of the project through billing to revenue collected.

Growth Suite is now live

All of these considerations went into the development of Growth Suite on Flywheel. Growth Suite is indeed a feature – rich system for agency entrepreneurs and freelancers that mixes customer and website administration, billing system, and managed WordPress webhosting to give you a simple dashboard overview of your expanding business and the features you need to keep on ahead of all of this.

Growth Suite provides us with easy-to-understand statistics on project trends and income streams, allowing you to streamline the services and generate a stable stream of recurring monthly income.

While Flywheel Growth Suite already has helping dozens of freelancers and agencies develop their businesses by increasing Monthly recurring revenue, they’re thrilled to announce the official launch of Growth Suite, which includes two additional powerful features: automatic customer reports and bulk website maintenance!

Growth Suite includes all of the solutions you need, all in one place, for billing, improving your products, and customizing support and service for everyone of your customers.

Do you want to learn more? Here are some of the things Growth Suite can accomplish for you:

Flywheel growth suite report

Bring data-driven insights that result in recurring revenue that is easy to predict.

Growth Suite’s growth screen dashboard delivers straightforward insights into revenue patterns like Average Income Per Customer  and Monthly Recurring revenue (MRR). You may also view which customers have paid you lately, which bills are late paying, as well as which invoices are due soon.

With all this information at your fingers, you can maintain tabs on your expanding portfolio, make informed decisions about your businesses and services strategy, and put yourself prepared for reliable, recurring income!

Billing and invoicing for clients should be as simple as possible.

With the option to charge customers with one time and recurring services, Growth Suite makes customer invoicing and billing a breeze. You may take your personal creative brand to offer discounts, make invoice notes, or charge your customers in numerous currencies.

Like a recurring payment, you also can ensure you’re be paid on schedule with Growth Suite’s scheduled invoicing! Growth Suite lets you protect your income stream while reducing late or missed payments by allowing you to decide when you’ll be paid, independent of customer behaviour.

Prioritize your customers.

Growth Suite allows you to structure your dashboard on your customers (rather than websites), view the entire MRR every client pays you, and exchange notes with anybody in your company for more efficient customer communication.

Growth Suite also sends you branded agency emails about payments, and since each client is different, you can make individual customer profiles with links to relevant billing and services , along with custom, branded gateways where customers can safely submit transactions via Stripe, update contact details, and contact you.

Make your services more efficient.

Another advantage of Growth Suite would be that it assists you in defining your list of services, even delineating tiered offerings where appropriate. This allows you to grow your services more effectively and set expectations for what will and won’t be including your scope of the work from the start of a customer relationship.

Not only does this help in saving you time and frustration in the long run, but it will also improve the efficiency of invoicing and billing while giving much-needed transparency for either you or your customers.

Showcase Your Value

As previously mentioned, automated customer reports are indeed a significant Growth Suite tool that helps you wrap up all of your incredible work while keeping a strong, long-term relationship with every one of your customers.

  • You can create automated, branded agency client reports with Growth Suite.
  • Keep in touch with your client on a regular basis.
  • Increase subscription fees, resulting in higher profit margins.
  • Inform your customers on the current project that your firm does.
  • Transparency and trust for both you and your customers will improve.
  • Growth Suite eliminates the need to manually create and deliver client reports, saving you hours of time.

Spend less effort on site management.

Running a rising number of WordPress websites may be difficult, and as your business expands, key statistics like web traffic, storage, and plugin information can become difficult to keep track of. When it comes to plugins, how then do you detect when they’re out of date? How can you tell when a website’s popularity has skyrocketed?

Mass website management, a new Growth Suite tool, gives you what you need to stay updated regarding all of your websites in one location, making it much easier to keep on top of the numerous moving components your business demands while reducing the time spent stressing about it.

Under one roof, a complete set of growing tools

Growth Suite is indeed a game-changer for growth-hungry freelancer and agencies. Its unique combination of powerful, versatile customer and website administration tools, robust invoicing and billing tools, and leading industry hosting performance poses a triple threat to your competitors, especially if they’re still cobbling together solutions from different products and platforms.

Growth Suite provides you with all of the tools you need to expand your agency or freelancing business in one place, allowing you to confidently accept new clients and develop a stable growth strategy by taking your company to the next level.

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