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Flywheel Review

Product Name: Flywheel Hosting

Product Description: Flywheel was launched in 2012 and also was acquired by WP Engine, other industry leader, in 2019. It includes a number of features tailored to freelancing web development agencies and companies.

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Reability
  • Support
  • Price


Flywheel is a reliable managed hosting service with excellent customer service, especially if you construct websites for others. Many Flywheel reviews agree that this host has a lot to offer, including strong development tools, a free CDN, custom caching, weekly backups, and free SSL certificates.

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  • Enterprise Grade Security Features Anti DDOS , Free SSL, Firewall etc
  • Professional WordPress Managed Service
  • Free Global CDN
  • Free Premium Genesis Studiopress Themes


  • High Price
  • No email hosting included
  • Blacklist some wordpress plugin
  • No Cpanel

Flywheel was launched in 2012 and also was acquired by WP Engine, other industry leader, in 2019. It includes a number of features tailored to freelancing web development agencies and companies.

In most cases, wordpress managed hosting is preferable than shared platforms. If your have more budget, it’s definitely something to think about — the one and only issue would be which managed hosting service to go with. Here’s our Flywheel review ready to assist you with this quest.

It’s simple to see why Flywheel is among the most best – known WordPress managed hosting companies today. They provide a great collection of capabilities in both ordinary WordPress users and companies, but they’re the right fit for your specific requirements?

Flywheel, a lovely hosting for WordPress platform, plus Local by Flywheel, a fuss-free software to local development , help creatives perform their best work through a set of well-designed products and services. The company is dedicated to creating elegant and simple solutions that enable customers to easily design, publish, and maintain any (and everything!) of their WordPress websites. Flywheel solutions have helped around 100,000 people grow their businesses on the WordPress platform website, from small agency to major businesses.

Flywheel review

Features of Flywheel WordPress Hosting

Speed Performance With Google Cloud and Built In CDN

you can get more done in less time.  Flywheel improved recently their server technology and teamed with Google Cloud Platform to transform into a full cloud hosting provider. Another of the biggest advantages for Flywheel clients is that their websites’ resources may now increase nearly instantaneously even without limit, delivering in quick loading times as well as a more reliable hosting environment.
Fastly’s built-in cdn  provides full-page caching upon this Content delivery network.

  • Caching at the server – side that’s designed to interact with both the CDN and includes built-in exclusions rules for popular solutions like WooCommerce.
  • Analytical performance (paid add-on).
  • On three continents, there are five data centers.


Blueprints is an excellent feature to have if you have a uniform design, theme, or collection of plugins that you utilize on all of your websites. You may save all of these settings by creating a “Blueprint” from one of the WordPress sites. The Blueprint will then allow you to rapidly apply your pre-configured parameters when you develop a new WordPress website. This is simple to perform from your Flywheel dashboard and requires no additional setup.

Environments for Staging

This functionality will appeal to WordPress users and developers. It enables you to make a replica of your live site, implement modifications to it, but only implement new changes to your live site once you’re satisfied. This will assist you avoid breaking your existing site and reduce downtime.

Collaboration is simple.

Right away, their streamlined collaboration approach addresses a fundamental pain – points for designers and developers: maintaining and monitoring client passwords. This is something that easily escalates into a serious issue for anyone with more than a few clients.

Keeping track of customer passwords and usernames will be a breeze. From within your Flywheel account, you may manage collaborators. Adding someone’s email address is all it takes to invite them. They’ll have quick access to the website and also SFTP access once they create their personal free FlyWheel account.

The benefit of FlyWheel’s tools is that you don’t have to share passwords any longer. Coworkers and clients can be added as collaborators, and they’ll be able to administer their own accounts while still having full access to a shared website. You, as the owner, have the ability to revoke access at any time.


Another significant incentive to use Flywheel is the free website policy on immigration if you or your customers currently have a WordPress sites.Set up a free Flywheel profile and fill out the migration request to get started. The in-house migration staff will generate a clone of your current WordPress website, which will then be copied to a Flywheel test server. The process usually takes about 24 hours on average, but you may pay $49 for just a 8 hours service.

You can use an appropriate plan (on that more later) even before website goes live once you’ve examined the Flywheel-hosted version and are happy with it. There will be no website outage as a result of the way this technique operates.
If you’re concerned that switching to a new host will be too difficult for your site, if you’d like to explore what speed benefits Flywheel may provide, or if you’d like to avoid the headache of switching hosting companies, the Flywheel free migration may also be of interest to you.


Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates that may be easily installed using the Flywheel interface. Intelligent IP filtering is also included in the flywheel company’s security systems.
There are no additional security plugins required because security is managed at the server level. Flywheel professionals will remove malware for free if it is discovered.
Backups are made automatically every night and are kept for 30 days and could be restored during any time. Customers also can take photos at any time they choose, giving them complete piece of mind.

Dashboard that is easy to use

The Flywheel webhost dashboard features a stunning design, a slick interface, and simple functionalities that allow you complete control. You’ll have complete control over everything site-related, including adding collaborators, maintaining administrator rights, implementing adjustments to the websites within your control, or uploading files. 


Flywheel offers well above 99.99 percent uptime for enterprise WordPress hosting users, yet this assurance nowhere to be seen in the ordinary package descriptions. However, the terms and conditions promise 100% uptime, except scheduled maintenance, necessary repairs, and unanticipated disruptions outside Flywheel’s control.
In 2016, support agents helped customers with over 105,000 issues and nearly 6,000 site migrations. After two years, the company extended its hours of operation beyond regular business hours to compete with competitors’ 24-hour service. Flywheel’s proprietary support solution was designed by the company’s developers, so a email or chat is always just a click or two away. Clients who probably spend $250 a month, however, are eligible for phone help.
Flywheel offers 24/7 support by Phone, Ticket System, & Live Chat, and also Knowledgebase Documents, books, and also a Free 14-Day Web Design Trends Email Course.

Plans and Packages for Flywheel

All company owners and freelancers can benefit from Flywheel’s plans (with an emphasis on agencies). They provide a wide variety of services, but for the purposes of this evaluation, we’ll concentrate on their Pay-per-Site options:

  • TINY ($15 per month): This plan is ideal for portfolio webpages and covers up to 5,000 visitor permonth.
  • STARTER ($30 per month): Ideal for freelancers, tiny sites, and personal blogs, this plan enables up to 25,000 monthly visits.
  • FREELANCE ($115 per month): The FREELANCE package is ideal for medium service sites or online retailers, as it allows for up to 1,00,000 monthly visits. You can use this to make ten different websites.
  • The AGENCY tier ($290 per month) could cover up to 5,00,000 visitor permonth. It’s a solid choice for well-known blogs and well-established eCommerce businesses. You’ll be able to create over 30 websites with it.

The first two options we discussed above only allow for one WordPress site to be hosted. They are not overly expensive in terms of WordPress hosting, and in return for that, they provide excellent service with little use for micromanagement. Flywheel is a great option if you really want your website to perform smooth as possible and can afford the service.

WP Engine vs. Flywheel

WP Engine is one of the most well-known managed WordPress hosting providers, with a focus on larger websites. Its services are excellent, and the price reflects this 
Flywheel is a good, more economical starting point for a small company that doesn’t require as much as WP Engine but still wants the benefits of managed WordPress hosting. You’ll get pretty much everything that comes with such a managed WordPress service, but at a cheaper price point and with fewer resources (though this shouldn’t be an issue with a tiny site).

Conclusion of the Review

Flywheel is a reliable managed hosting service with excellent customer service, especially if you construct websites for others. Many Flywheel reviews agree that this host has a lot to offer, including strong development tools, a free CDN, custom caching, weekly backups, and free SSL certificates. It’s optimized for WordPress and maintains your network secure while delivering lightning-fast speeds. Flywheel also delivers excellent customer service, as one would expect from the a premium web host.
However, because this is a costly host, it is better suited to expanding websites rather than tiny ones. There’s no email hosting or domain registration, that implies you’ll have to purchase a third supplier separately.

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