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Flywheel CDN – The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a series of data centre spread from across world that support you distribute content lot faster to audience.

The internet is all over the place. If you’ve got a webpage hosted, it’s also accessible all around the world. However, the webpage and also all their content located someplace, at a physical place, from wherever it brings content to audiences all over the world.

Is a CDN the same thing as a web host?

Although the CDN somehow doesn’t host data and cannot replace the need to have right hosting services, it provides network edge cache content that increases performance of the website. Almost all websites are struggling to meet the performance requirements of conventional web hosting, and that is why people pay extra for CDNs.

By using caching to minimize the bandwith hosting, help to prevent disruptions in system, and improve security, CDNs are really a popular option to relieve most of the major hassle points which occur with conventional hosting services.

Normally, whenever a person came to the WordPress website, they are transferred to the server of your web server. The server of your hosting service is placed at a centralised point, — for example Houston, TX. So now every user on your webpage has access towards this one server to to see your site. If you’ve a heavy traffic quantity, visitors can overload your hosting server, that also contributes to a slower processing website or maybe a server collapse.

Here’s where the CDN helps a lot, as it is a server network, however the most important thing is that these servers will be spread across the globe. If you’re using a CDN, your static content is stored and placed on all these servers. Static content contains images, javascripts, stylesheets, Flash, and so on. Presently, when a customer visits your website (the original server), the CDN platform connects them to the nearest server where they are located.

For example, if the primary server is located in Houston, TX, but someone from England is trying to visit it, they would be connected to the nearest server in London. This restricted the amount of internet hops required to send static content to your target audience.

flywheel cdn

Flywheel CDN

Flywheel provides CDN support for their every plan free of charge, they have included Flywheel’s patented caching engine, it’s highly beneficial as it operates side-by-side with their CDN to deliver cached data from worldwide points of presence (POP). So if your guests visit your website, they start receiving those files from a network server which is regionally nearest to them, which reduces loading speed, increases performance and makes sure that all visitors have same high-quality user experiences.


Flywheel CDN is partnering with Fastly , it allows us to cache on the  worldwide kudos to fastly multiple POPs (Presence Points) all over the globe. Using the Point-of-Presence network servers, we can start moving your data as near as possible to the user that viewing your website


Instead of conventional CDNs which only cache website assets (*.css, *.js, etc.), Flywheel CDN provides full page caching, which includes the entire HTML of the web pages. This significantly improves your time to the very first byte (which again is extremely important for SEO)!


Fastly is a business CDN company that trusts several of the world’s largest sites: BuzzFeed, Yelp,New York Times, Twitter, Pinterest,  and more. Presently, the website can make use of these resources!

With the CDN flywheel, you will make your website at maximum speed, and you will also increase the position of your website on the search engine.

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