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Unlike many Managed WordPress hosting, Namecheap’s EasyWP is unique. It’s developed upon Namecheap’s cloud infrastructure and stack, so it uses a Docker Plus Kubernetes infrastructure to give each plan subscription their own WordPress container. Namecheap is proud to introduce the most up-to-date cloud and container solutions to WordPress users in a simple and straightforward bundle.

The importance of website speed and reliability has never been greater. Visitors want a website that is quick and responsive. Google considers page load speed when determining search engine rankings. And sluggish websites are no longer a thing. With all that in consideration, Namecheap excited to present their new solution, which will help your website load faster.

easywp plugin

More speed and better caching

Caching is a technique for storing data because then your website loads faster each time you come back. On The old days  Easywp begins with a basic amount of Varnish caching. However, this did not meet all of your requirements, and yet you still required to install additional plugins.

Now they offers their new easy wp cache plugin, which comes pre-installed with the WordPress installation.  It contains three layers of advanced caching (Opcache, Varnish, and Redis object cache), all of which are designed to make the most of their Namecheap Cloud Platform. This results in increased speed, agility, and load times. Furthermore, it eliminates the requirement for any wordpress caching — simply put, you no longer need to employ any third-party plugins.

Every WordPress sites come with the EasyWP installed. At the top of your WordPress admin area, you’ll see a reference to the option, and also an option to clear the cache manually  if necessary:

Keeping an Eye on a Suspected WordPress Plugin

A helpful monitoring tool is among the advantages of the Easywp. It informs you regarding plugins that could harm your website or slow it down. It will notify you if you attempt to install a plugin which is recognized to be potentially hazardous to your website.

Namecheap recognize that the WordPress environment is vast, and they will continue to assist you in navigating it. We’re giving you a better WordPress journey in general. They’re giving you a better WordPress journey in general.

Namecheap don’t usually prohibit plugins since they believe in providing you the flexibility to develop, publish, and express yourself. However, have a tiny selection that have been blocked. The se are restricted since they are considered to be harmful to your website or even to cause performance issue.

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