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EasyWP Managed WordPress hosting from Namecheap  is an amazing option for  small business  companies and people looking to set up a website. Although many technologies have been developed to have your site launched, managed WordPress hosting would be easy for newbies, yet so flexible in features it’s an option to most developers.

Namecheap was established as management service and a domain registration in 2000 and currently has over three million customers more than 10 million domains.

When you’ve been looking to create a WordPress site and looking for hosting companies, you might have heard of Namecheap.

Since 2017, the WordPress site world was stormed by namecheap because they  releasing EasyWP, a managed hosting WordPress service. What’s really unique regarding EasyWP is that it has been backed by the Namecheap company, that this was a fully wordpress managed service, but that it had jaw-dropping prices.

Features of EasyWP

Advance WordPress Managed Hosting

A great advantage of using real managed WordPress will be that it takes control of the entire installation process for you—no more pain from setup failures, scripting languages, or terrifying server setups This solution is particularly useful when dealing with multiple WordPress websites.

EasyWP is a real Wordpress managed solution. Namecheap has developed an innovative system that manages several of the difficult processes which arrive with the WordPress. For instance, EasyWP provides a thirty second setup.

Faster loading speed of the website

NameCheap does have its own plugin for caching across all EasyWP websites, that gives three layers of innovative caching (Opcache, Varnish, Redis object cache). With 3 layers of advanced caching featured on the Namecheap cloud, users could indeed predict some great speeds well before you implement some of your own performance practices.

Users do not even actually need to setup caching plugins, as this has all been effectively managed of by EasyWP. You may need to optimize the size of the image file among many other advice.

Advance cloud hosting

It is also crucial to know which EasyWP is a cloud-based server, which implies that users can have all the advantages which you’d get with a dedicated hosting server and exclude any issues that vps or shared hosting  providers could see at the cost of shared hosting—the that’s best thing possible.

All packages include storage of SSD. The distinctions throughout the packages are also simple to understand, since they are clearly set just under the price. A visitor’s price cap is an amazing option, but it makes perfect sense from the customer’s point of view and makes it much easier for them to choose a web hosting that meet their requirements.

Free SSL/CDN for Top Level Plans

EasyWP gives the Turbo and Supersonic Free CDN to clients. A free CDN would help the users to give their content to their target market on every part of the world at the fastest performance by picking the nearest server location.

The company also provides Free Postive SSL on its larger packages to bring validation, encryption  and reliability to your website.

Service Migration

Namecheap offers 24/7 customer service options that are important, particularly when you’re just having started your website. Namecheap provides a full range of online resources, including step-by-step guidelines for creating a WordPress website, frequently asked questions , and dozens of useful site-building tricks.

For those who are presently subscribing to some other hosting service, transferring your website with EasyWP is remarkably easy. Namecheap provides a free transfer website service to EasyWP Starter with a qualified professional to help you along the way. The EasyWP team will take care of the whole phase for you, saving both time and money.

Money back warranty

One of the great benefits of EasyWP hosting is also that they give a 30-day refund policy. If you don’t like their hosting services, you can ask for a full refund.

Users could use the EasyWP money back guarantee to test their services for 1 month. In only 30 days, if your services didnt meet your standards, users can start leaving them.

Namecheap Shared Hosting VS Manage Hosting Plan

The key to knowing what shared hosting definitely is in the name – Shared Hosting. A share hosting plan is shared by many users.

It is a kinds of web hosting in which multiple accounts web hosting will be housed on a single physical server. You shared the primary specific resources of your server, such as CPU, disk space, bandwidth, RAM,  etc, on every user of your web host on the very same server.

Managed WordPress hosting would be a server kinds specifically designed to cater to WordPress sites. It’s created on a cloud platform to give quick, safe websites to people across the globe.

Based on your cloud-based system, hosting downtime or disruption will not impair uptime on your website, and your hosting resources will not be shared with other users.

With Easywp Managed WordPress Hosting, almost all of the technical aspects of managing a WordPress site are handled of by the web server. Like backups, caching, security, WordPress updates, speed, and many more.

Conclusion of EasyWP Review

EasyWP already improved considerably since the last time we had seen. It provides a rich hosting service at a truly great price, and then everything performs as advertised.

Creating and maintaining websites is simple, and so is changing among them. The back – up process has been incredibly made easier, but we’d rather like built-in fully automated backup – as with everything, there are always room to improve. But taking into consideration what you’re receiving for the price and how much it’s developed in much less than a year, it is a fantastic service interesting to find out.

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