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Which version of WordPress would my website run on?

On newly created EasyWP accounts, they deploy the most recent major WordPress release. They don’t really, however, force WordPress websites that have already been established to be updated.

Do Namecheap provide WordPress Core Updates on a regular basis?

WordPress examines and updates the core elements for basic and security upgrades on a regular basis. Mostly on WordPress website, users can learn more about Automatic Background Updates.

If you do have third-party wordpress plugins or themes activated, you may have to manually update them from of the WordPress admin area.

Is it possible to install my own wordpress theme?

You can use the WordPress dashboard to install whatever theme you like, and you can use the built-in WordPress menu to upload your current theme files.

NOTE: They usually advocate avoiding untrustworthy sources, as well as unauthorized free distribution of premium wordpress plugins, when deciding what theme to use, as these can ruin your website or undermine its security. Check that such theme is compliant well with WordPress version or any other wordpress plugins you’ve activated.

Is it possible to install plugins that aren’t allowed?What about plugins that cache data?

EasyWP has three degrees of sophisticated caching. This results in agility, increased speed, and load times. There will be no need for page, object, or database cache wordpress plugins. Plugins which optimize/minify material (like Javascript, CSS, and so on) will keep functioning normally.

Remember: They usually advocate avoiding untrustworthy sources, as well as unlawful free copies of premium plugins, when deciding which wordpress plugins to use, as these can disrupt your site or undermine its security. Also, double-check that all of your plugins are suitable with the Release of wordpress version as well as other plugins you’ve activated.

Are any PHP functionalities on my Website disabled?

Yes, they do exist. This article can help you figure out which PHP functions are disabled.

Is EasyWP capable of installing WordPress MU/Multisite?

Now at currently, EasyWP does not accept WordPress Multisite.

Is it allowed to use a subdomain to install WordPress?

A WordPress website built with EasyWP can also be placed on a domain that registered on namecheap , an external domain, or a free url (– for example EasyWP does not support the hosting of custom subdomains.

Is it possible for me to use Google Analytics?

You certainly can! You can use one of numerous Google Analytics plugins to help you with this.

Is it possible for me to create a contact form?

You can develop a simple contact and mail form using a variety of free and premium plugins. Simple Contact Form wordpress Plugin – Pirate Forms, for instance, does have a very simple process.

Is it possible to link my WordPress installation to the database that is hosted anywhere else?

They do not allow us to link to an external database for security reasons.

Is it possible to utilize a domain from a different registrar?

Yes, you may use any web domain with EasyWP, despite of where it is registered. 

What is the maximum number of websites I can make with EasyWP?

EasyWP lets you establish a single WordPress website. You can, however, acquire more EasyWP memberships to create additional websites.

What is the maximum number of EasyWP subscriptions I may purchase?

There are no limits on the number of subscriptions you could buy every Namecheap account.

How could I renew my EasyWP membership?

Switch the auto-renewal option to the right from the subscription on/off in the Dashboard >> App >> Subscription section to control the renewal. As in EasyWP Dashboard >> Overview >> Subscription section >> Next Payment, you can manage your payments as well.

What options do I have for upgrading or downgrading my EasyWP subscription?

The Update option inside the Overview >> Subscription area of the EasyWP Dashboard can be used to upgrade the subscription. 

You can contact namecheap Support Team if you would like to downgrade existing EasyWP subscription.

However, there are for now no options for you to do the downgrade. They are, even so, planning on incorporating this feature in the future.

Do I have access to my website via FTP, SSH, or SFTP?

They do have SFTP available. 

Do I get cPanel access?

EasyWP does not come with cPanel. Instead, they created a single, custom dashboard that allows users to manage all of your EasyWP websites without having to deal with cPanel. Whether it’s connecting a domain, managing backup, or gaining access to the files/databases, you’ll have all the options you desire right at your fingertips. It merely takes some few clicks using your EasyWP dashboard.

If you want extra control on your website’s customization and are more accustomed with the cPanel tool, they recommend Namecheap Shared Hosting.

Is it true that I’ll have accessibility to File Manager and PHPMyAdmin?

Yes, they support SFTP and to provide PHPMyAdmin access to databases.

What Secure Socket Layer (SSL) options are available on EasyWP?

Based upon that domain and EasyWP package you select, EasyWP offers a variety of security choices; further information may be found in this page. PositiveSSL is available for free on Turbo and Supersonic. This instruction may be helpful if you wish to setup a custom SSL.

Do Easywp provide a content delivery network (CDN)?

Yes, they already have a CDN for EasyWP. This article contains thorough information on their Supersonic CDN product.

Is it possible to have a dedicated IP address?

At this moment, they do not give a dedicated IP address.

Do They have any restrictions on the quantity of people who can access my website?

In principle, they do not place a limit on the number of people who can come to your website. They do, however, advise the Starter package for sites with up to 50,000 monthly visitors, the Turbo package for websites with up to 200,000 monthly visitors, and the Supersonic package for sites with up to 500,000 monthly visitors.

Is EasyWP capable of handling large quantities of traffic in a short length of time?

The number of visitors allowed for every plan is a guideline rather than a rule. The amount of visitors which can be handled is determined by the site’s optimization, among other factors. They will not ban the website if the visitor numbers exceeds the recommended quantity.

Do you also have any restrictions on how many emails you can send?

Yes, they reduced the amount of outgoing emails sent by a single site using the PHP mail() function to 500 per day in order to minimize the amount of spam emails coming from EasyWP websites and increase email deliverability. They argue that for normal use, this limit should suffice.